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Electronic Mirror


Imagine watching a landscape pass by on a widescreen TV while you ride your exercise bike in the Tour de France. Then as you dress for work, imagine the TV rotates into portrait mode and becomes an Electronic Mirror - and a Recording Mirror at that!


In realtime mirror mode it can function just like a conventional mirror.  You can also capture still images, or set it to record a video clip and rotate your body 360 degrees to check your ensemble from all angles.  Images and videos captured on an Electronic Mirror can be transmitted and displayed on PCs, Smart-Phones, and other Electronic Mirrors, enabling users to get opinions from their friends - a new twist on social networking.  Images and videos of previous outfits can be re-called for review, and portions of one outfit can be electronically combined with portions of other outfits to view combinations before they are actually worn.

Video technology has never been effectively applied to personal grooming and appearance.  This IP makes it happen. Companies in the exercise machine business are now pairing their machines with displayed videos to make the exercise experience more real and enjoyable.  The Electronic Mirror is the prefect platform for both exercise and grooming. Companies in the business of manufacture and sale of wide-screen TVs and displays will benefit.

Issued US Patent No 7,978,246 can be viewed by clicking here.  Issued US Patent No 8,451,364 can be viewed here and adds method claims.

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