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Earthquake Phone


...except for Mfg/Sale in USA

Rescue people trapped in rubble after Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Typhoons, Hurricanes

Locate, communicate, and determine physical condition to speed and focus rescue

Pat Appl No 2017/ 0064072


Track or Disable   Driver Texting

- Not voluntary

- Passengers can text

- No phone mods, No vehicle mods, No hardware infrastructure mods


License or Sale

US P/N 8,295,854

Two British patents.



High-Traffic Secure Entrance Systems

Protect our Soft Targets!

License or Sale


Issued Patents:
   US – 8,499,494
   UK -- GB2474205B

Pending Applications:
   US – 13/952,409
   US – 13/541,732
   UK -- GB1212108.3


Browser Zoom

and Multi-Widow Search

For Sale

US Patents:



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Prototype Demo Video


e-Marketing Recommendation System

For Sale


Search Results Annotation

License or Sale

Airplane-Friendly Touchpad Technology

For Sale



Electronic Mirror

For Sale

Issued US Patents:



SOLD! - Portfolios that have been sold are shown below: 


Cell Phone


 Sold at Nov 2011 ICAP IP Auction





Cell Phone Courtesy Answer


Sold at ICAP IP Auction

October 2007


Home Video Surveillance

SOLD in 2011







FPGA and ASIC Programmable ICs

SOLD in 2007

Home Energy

Home Energy

SOLD in 2011













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