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Earthquake Phone

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Rescue people trapped in rubble after Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Typhoons, Hurricanes, Building failures, Avalanche...

Locate, communicate, and determine physical condition to speed and focus rescue

Pat Appl No 2017/ 0064072

(Claims allowed by USPTO)


Track or Disable

Driver Texting

- Not voluntary

- Passengers can text

- No phone mods, No vehicle mods, No hardware infrastructure mods

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6 US Patents and

2 British Patents

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Implemented by wireless carriers with government cooperation to reduce accidents, injuries, and deaths.



High-Traffic Secure Entrance Systems

Protect our Soft Targets!

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5 US Patents and

1 British Patent

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Subways, Hotels, Concerts, Malls, Theatres, Stadiums, Baggage Claim & Ticket Counters, Embassies, Office Buildings, Schools...



Browser Zoom and Multi-Window Search

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US Patents:



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Trip Tracker with Emergency Detection and Reporting


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Tracks progress of a trip. If the traveler doesn't reach a destination (i.e. return home) by a certain time, a third party is notified. Avoids a prolonged period of time where pets and/or children are unattended, especially in the event of a catastrophic accident.

The third party may optionally be notified if an arrival time is predicted to be delayed, as well as when an actual arrival occurs.

US Pat No 9,386,141

Search Results Annotation

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Annotations added to search engine results to show missing keywords on linked Webpages, or annotations added to indicate Webpage type.

US Patents:



Airplane-Friendly Touchpad Technology

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Issued US Patents:


e-Marketing Recommendations based on Weighted Negative Preferences

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Issued US Patents:





Electronic Mirror

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Issued US Patents:



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Cell Phone


 Sold at Nov 2011 ICAP IP Auction





Cell Phone Courtesy Answer


Sold at ICAP IP Auction

October 2007


Home Video Surveillance

SOLD in 2011







FPGA and ASIC Programmable ICs

SOLD in 2007

Home Energy

Home Energy

SOLD in 2011













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