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"Airplane-Friendly" Touchpad for Laptops
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Unique reverse touchpad technology solves the problem of jabbing your neighbor!

Laptops continue to be the portable computer of choice for serious business use, and using a laptop when seated on an airplane can be difficult.  The conventionally-located touchpad on a laptop computer causes the user's arm to stick out to the side with their elbow poking their neighbour.  This is especially apparent when the space in front of the user is minimal, and even more so when the person seated in front reclines their seat.


US patent 8,502,790 attaches a separate assembly to the edge of the laptop's screen.  The assembly contains a touchpad on the reverse side facing away from the user, with the associated “mouse buttons” on the opposite side and facing the user.  The user operates the touchpad and buttons with one hand while their arm extends forward. This eliminates having their elbow sticking out to the side or contorting their arm in an uncomfortable manner to avoid disturbing their neighbour.  Adding this assembly makes a laptop computer considerably more “Airplane-Friendly”.


The IP cures a long standing problem with laptop computers when used in confined spaces, especially when seated on an airplane.  Issued patent 8,502,790 solves the problem when a laptop user adds a device to an existing laptop, and pending application 13/769,358 solves the problem when a user purchases a laptop with an integral "reverse touchpad".

All PC manufacturers as well as manufacturers of add-on accessories for laptop computers are candidates to purchase issued patent 8,502,790. This includes manufacturers of PC accessories such as mice, touchpads, trackballs, tablets, webcams, etc. as well as the laptop manufacturers themselves.  Pending application 13/769,358, when issued, would allow an accessory manufacturer to supply these unique touchpads to PC manufacturers on an OEM basis, or alternatively license those PC Manufacturers. PC manufacturers themselves could offer both laptops with integral reverse touchpads as well as add-on reverse touchpad accessory modules.