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Browser Zoom and Multi-Window Search
US Pats 8,015,259 and 8,838,736 - FOR SALE


Browser Zoom and Faster Internet Search

Today, Internet web browsers and search engines operate independently and in a serial fashion. Users receive lists of links, and ping-pong back and forth between lists and individual webpages, waiting for each new page to be downloaded and displayed. They are also constrained to viewing one webpage at a time per tab or opening multiple web browsers to view different websites. This creates a disconnect when searching, as information related to a particular search topic is typically scattered across many independent websites. The inability to concurrently load, view, and operate on multiple independent webpages in a single web browser display greatly impedes information search, retrieval, and analysis processes given available levels of processor power and Internet connection bandwidth.

This invention describes a new paradigm for browser and search engine integration. By combining browser and search UI functions along with webpage preloading, this new technology extracts maximum bandwidth from the PC and Internet enabling users to flip through fully active webpages up to 100x faster than conventional methods. Supporting functions are described as well, including group bookmark for instant retrieval, the number of webpages to be concurrently displayed, a favorites queue, zoom, group webpage advance, adaptive preloading to balance resources and more.


This portfolio addresses market limitations by disclosing techniques for providing an enhanced web searching and browsing experience. It discloses a software application (e.g., an enhanced web browser) that takes a search query and fetches results from one or more search engines. Further, the results from the search are then processed to concurrently preload a number of the associated webpages. The web browser displays multiple fully active webpages simultaneously on a single interface. The user may then operate on any displayed webpage, zoom in and out on any webpage, bookmark any grouping of webpages, or advance to the next set of webpages in the preloaded queue.

Forward references for the original published application include Google, IBM, and Microsoft.

Entitled "Multi-Window Internet Search with Webpage Preload", the corresponding Provisional Application disclosed all claimed elements and was filed on September 10, 2002. The Non-provisional Application issued in 2011 as US Patent No 8,015,259. Pending Continuation Application No 13/207,333 (now US Patent No 8,838,736) is included and claims variations on multi-window browsing, as well as a facility for altering the webpage zoom-factor in a manner utilized by some current browsers.

To view a video demo of a prototype of this IP in action, please click here.